Hello, everyone! 

My name is Eva and nobody knows me. Well, that’s not entirely true. About 52 people know me…

When I started my bookstagram account, I was planning on slowly building up a home for my own love for books.

It’s been a little over a month and I’m very slowly but constantly gaining more support. But more importantly, I’m really enjoying the community. I’ve always loved books, I’ve always loved to talk to other people about them. I write rambly reviews, have tons of opinions on pretty much everything and I think there’s nothing better than to share the experience of a bookish adventure by talking about it.

Today I gained my 50th follower which made up a little for the fact that I’m sick and can’t really do anything. I hope that maybe you’ll find what you like here and occasionally come back. I will publish book reviews and blog entries that will hopefully flesh out my instagram experience. I just need to get a hang of the whole wordpress thing and hopefully a few of you will join me on the way.

What’s next?

I just finished reading Shadow and Bone yesterday and I’ll be writing a review for it tomorrow if my cold will finally let me. I’m currently reading the second book of the Grisha Trilogy, Siege and Storm, and I’m planning on doing something bigger for the whole series once I’m through it.

And – for those of you who like this sort of thing – there will be a tiny giveaway once I hit my first hundred followers! I’m excited about that and can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Don’t forget to spread kindness. Thank you for being here.


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