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Between the Pages: Stranger than Fanfiction by Chris Colfer

Stranger than Fanfiction was an interlude for me. Mainly because I adore Chris Colfer. Also a little bit because I thought I’d give contemporary a shot again after a streak of a lot of fantasy and sci-fi. After finishing it, I wish, I would have let it be.


The Story, the Characters, the Journey


The roadtrip story in itself certainly isn’t new. The spin on it is the famous person joining a couple of teens who are digital natives. That kind of sounded like a nice idea. The problem is that it all feels like a cranky self-insert rather than a thought-out novel. And that makes it a little sad.


Overall the characters feel a little stereotypical and flat and even when they are flashed out to connect to them, you never really feel close to the whole bunch.


What could have saved the book would have been a less obvious plot twist. Sadly that didn’t happen either.



I’m certainly good at giving praise to the stories and books I like with good reasoning why I love them. When I don’t like something, that’s harder. I don’t really want to ruin this book for someone who enjoyed it, but I sadly didn’t. The characters were flat, the story boring, the moral of it a bit twisted. The whole book felt like it could have used another round of editing if only because the POV switches sometimes happen randomly and make it ridiculously confusing to follow. First real let-down of the year.



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